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Here is the full 5 part, Faderport\Studio One 4.5.5 UPDATE series of videos going through all the new Faderport Features available. I hope you enjoy them.
Video 1 - Paging FX & Auto Fill
Video 2 - Send Control
Video 3 - Cue Mix Control
Video 4 - Input Gain Control
Video 5 - Reset Faders to Default (0)


Welcome to the Presonus ATOM MASTERCLASS. A series of videos to help you learn the Atom both as a Controller and as a song creation tool. You create entire songs without even touching the mouse or use it as a companion to any of the Presonus Faderports. send an email to johnnygeibhst@gmail.com with the title "Sign Me Up"and you will be updated when a new Atom video is posted.

Join me LIVE Mon-Fri at 6PM CDT
for a Studio One Q&A Broadcast that I hope everyone will enjoy. Go to


and join in the discussion or just sit back and watch me DEMO features and answer general Home Recording questions. 

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HST Donation Drive!! https://www.homestudiotrainer.com/donations If you're like me, then you hate it when people ask you for money...lol. But sadly it takes a few bucks here and there to keep up with tech support and training videos, both of which I offer here, absolutely free. I have tried things like Patreon and have even tried selling my own video series with no success. So I humbly ask for your support so I can continue great video series like "Recording a Song from Start to Finish" and the new "Studio One Advanced Training" series, again, all of which are free to everyone. Now I have posted like this before and I always appreciate anything anyone can give. However its always the same 4 people that make a donation (thank you by the way) and I would like to give them a break this time around...lol. So please, if you find what I do and offer helpful, help me keep it running for another year. I do appreciate it very much. https://www.homestudiotrainer.com/donations

IMPORTANT Message from HST

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM HOME STUDIO TRAINER.... ALL United States Military Vets and those currently serving, will receive a set of free training sessions and support for Studio One from HST. From there everything is only $25 per session. Training, Support, and remote sessions. Personal videos are always free for Military folks. It is my way of thanking you for your service to our country and providing us with freedoms we have.

The Faderport 8. WOW!

The Faderport 8 has been a dream of mine since I bought the original faderport nearly 8 years ago. There have been all sorts of Photo-Shopped wishes created by myself and others, never really thinking Presonus was actually listening. Check out my video series on this killer unit.

Studio One 4 - The Next Standard

STUDIO ONE 4 is available. No DAW that I know can do some of the stuff V4 can do and it will just get better. From new features to a killer new selection of Plugins, loops and add-ons, you can't get a better DAW!! And with Faderport 8 or 16 support now for Native mode, the possibilities are endless. Chord Track, Pattern Editor, Impact XT and the list goes on!

HST Studio One Support Group on Facebook

The biggest success so far for Home Studio Trainer. Become a member of the HST Studio One Support Group on Facebook. Over 500 members now and just a TON of help and information. I run a tight group so follow the rules and report any bad eggs that you see spoiling the flow of information.  Check it out!

HST Songwriting For S1 Users

Check Out the Songwriting For S1 Users group. A great group for sharing songs, getting opinions and advice on lyrics and structure to possibly take your song to the next level or simply share with the group. It's a great place to meet new people with different songwriting experiences. See you there.

Why Studio One?

The Goal of this site is to help those just getting started or just starting to think about setting up their own Home Recording Studio. It's easier than you might think but there are definitely some "Rules Of The Road" to follow.

 This site is primarily based on videos I have created as well as links to videos others have created. I try to give you as much assistance with as little reading as possible. If a picture is worth 1000 words, a video might just be priceless.

 Also, there is a video request area where you can ask for examples of certain techniques, weather it's mixing, mastering or even micing drums and guitar amps. I'll either point you to a video that already exists or whip one up myself.

 Now be aware that most of what you'll find here is one man's opinion (mine) and not the "Holy Grail" of how to do all these things. I don't claim to be a "Know It All" but I feel it may be helpful to many folks out there who have limited funds but a ton of desire to start recording their own music at home.

 My DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or recording software of choice is Presonus Studio One Professional. So all of my examples will be with that software. Many of the videos here can be viewed as Tutorials, demonstrating the features of Studio One Pro and several pieces of Presonus hardware but the overall techniques can be applied to almost any DAW.

I use mostly Presonus software and hardware for my studio business as well as my hobby based projects.     Email me - johnnygeibhst@gmail.com

To become a member send your email address to johnnygeibhst@gmail.com with the title "HST MEMBERSHIP" and you'll receive monthly updates and new video Updates!!!!

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   HST's Latest Studio One 4 Videos

For just $9.99 a month you get.....

1. Free Phone\Skype\Conference Call support

2. Half Priced on-on-one Training sessions

3. Free Mix evaluations with detailed tips

4. Free short, personal videos 

5. Mix Training Video series with Stems